Louer à ses enfants en loi pinel

The last 30 years have seen incredible infringements of the rights of our Children to be raised by both of their natural parents - and of the rights of parents as well.

La loi Pinel permet de supporter sa famille tout en défiscalisant. En effet, la Loi Pinel offre la possibilité de louer à ses enfants ce qui permet de supporter ses enfants tout en s'assurant le versement des loyers et réduire ainsi le risque d'avoir des revenus de location nuls durant la période de location du logement neuf acquis dans le cadre du dispositif Pinel (durée de location pouvant aller de 6 à 12 ans pour une réduction d'impots pouvant atteindre 21%).

It is time that we, as a law-abiding, Constitutional society, stand up and say "enough". This site, and the policies that we are promulgating through it and other activities, including legislative and political activism, as well as legal challenges, is intended to do precisely that.

We believe that there are two guiding sets of principles that all honest governments must follow when it comes to family law, including the legal codes applied to both divorced and never-married couples with children. Towards that end we have produced two documents, both grounded in Constitutional and Case Law at the Federal Level, which together form our Statement of Core Beliefs:

The Rights of Children
The Rights and Responsibilities of Parents
In addition, we state in a loud, clear, united voice that the current system of laws in the several states operates as a system of incentives to create a perversion in our social values when it comes to families and children. We call upon our lawmakers to remove these incentives so that our families - and children - are protected and the natural balance in these areas of society is restored.

We support specific legislative language to bring about these changes. Please take the time to read this document, print a copy, and send it to your legislators - both at the state and federal levels - with a demand for its enactment. You can find your federal representatives and senators under "Make Your Voice Heard".

An awful lot of the documentation behind the positions on this site came from Sanford Braver's "Divorced Dads - Shattering the Myths", published in September of 1998. Mr. Braver has done an absolutely stellar job of breaking down the stereotypes and disproving them scientifically - with documentation and facts - that are behind the current divorce industry. The above link will take you to Barnes and Noble's web site where you can get yourself a copy. If you're interested in this issue, this work is a must-read. Please note that we have not, and will not, apply for or accept any "rewards" for sending customers to B&N for this book - the link above is there for your convenience (and due to the fact that they stock this title), but we have nothing to gain from your purchase there, from Amazon.com, or any other bookseller.

Above all else - get involved! Tell your friends, business associates, spouse, and everyone you run into about this site. Read this material, particularly the reasons why you should support this reform, our model Child Support formula, and our Legislative agenda. Print copies of these documents and send them to your state and federal representatives and senators.

Do it for your Sons and Daughters

Do it for yourself.

Do it today.